"Success, then, stems directly from eliminating susceptibility to society’s destructive elements (the requirement is applicable even to cemeteries—recall the walls which sealed off those former centers of communal life by the 19th century, privatizing death and, in the process, fundamentally altering the Western mind’s attitude toward it)."

In the earlier Philadelphia Toboggan models, deep bucket seats allowed couples to cuddle side by side; in the later types, a long seat that runs from front to back encourages women to sit between the legs of their boyfriends and lean back against his body while he rings his arms around her upper body as the boat rocked and gently swayed with the current. The passing scenes of hell and human torment,

i made that post a year ago about liminoid being a really good word and last winter my sister said the same thing to me omg

hey ..u know how this skin feels… remember those … old padded headphones in elementary school cpu labs … yeah ….just like tha….

Careful Ladies —- i’m comin’ at you like an already-shattered tail light on a car making a very slow right turn in front of yu ….