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the hyperrealistic approach to themed design allows any chekhov’s guns to blend in as verisimilar detail unless their introduction is taken with presentationalist composition

student celibate savant with a wrinkled hand and a wrinkled mind pointing to a speech bubble shrugging and saying “all men have needs, you know”

tv glow sexual tension


today I took this picture n it is almost identical to a picture I took in the same place like 3 months ago what does it mean

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Rustic Barn, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming


the diegetic leak video speaks of the dark ride as a digestive system characterized by the binary of its inside and outside; its more sensitive, dynamic, enigmatic and intangibly artistic properties lie on the inside along with the diegesis, and the meta-awareness allowing a rider to identify that each part of the narrative exists in solid form in one building i.e. countering the epistemologically solipsistic view that eventful rooms disappear once the vehicles exit them ends up with a tract-like perception of the dark ride

its holding area, rails and arches separating the show elements from the queue/viewing area are the teeth.